Whitstable, England
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I purchased a Mercedes cls from Northover, prior to the purchase they (Mathew) agreed to put right some minor faults, the drivers seat would not adjust well being one of them. After much ado about nothing from northover and threats that they would tell me to get stuffed over all fault claims, said that the seat was to expencive for them to repair and had it locked into place.

Mathew the owner was unpleasent and dictatoral in what he would not do to sort out the problems.

Also one of the rear road springs was found to be broken 2 weeks after purchase but Northover would not fully cover the repair costs.

I would from my experience with Northover cars strongly advise you not to buy from them and warn off others, this is the only way bad businesses will not survive and rip off the honest hard working buyers. Please take my warning to heart.

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